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Norfolk Island – a new mecca for the discerning investor but why……?


Since the 1st july, 2016, Norfolk Island is has been fully integrated into the Australian immigration, social services, medicare and taxation system. This means there are no borders. Australians and New Zealanders can pack their bags today, jump on a short flight and reside in this beautiful paradise without restrictions, whilst accessing all the services they would on the mainland.


Norfolk island is situated approximately 1600 km north east of Sydney (shorter distance from Brisbane and even shorter from Auckland). It is the hidden gem of the South Pacific with a beautiful sub-tropical climate and a breathtaking environment with coral lagoons teeming with tropical fish, towering Norfolk pines, rugged cliffs, ancient rainforests and verdant rolling hills. It has a vibrant community of about 1700 residents who thrive on a robust economy of tourism and other diversified home grown industries.

New access to remote funding from the Commonwealth Government for infrastructure such as roads, school, communications, hospital & health services is giving norfolk a much needed revitalisation and tourism expansion and industry diversification is high on the priority list of all funding bodies.

The property market is still steady with an extensive array of bargains ranging from charming little 2 bedroom cottages to 5 bedroom flawless homes with stunning sea views, large parcels of land with exclusive cliff top frontages and commercial properties to facilitate a new business venture.